The Best Survey Apps for Cash

6/18/20232 min read

silver iphone 6 on brown wooden table
silver iphone 6 on brown wooden table
  1. Attapoll: is known for its user-friendly interface and high-paying surveys. There are always so many surveys available to chose from so you'll almost never run out! AttaPoll loves consistency, and the more consistent you are the better surveys that will come your way.

  1. Influence: offers two different types of surveys you can chose to do: normal surveys and video question surveys. I tend to only use this app for their video questions, you get paid up to $1 for every 15 second video, so it's one of the best ways to earn quickly!

  2. Qmee: is unique in a couple different ways! Not only do they have a no-minimum pay out, they also give percentage upgrades whenever you complete surveys everyday for a certain amount of days in a row. This makes it uber easier to start earning and get that money ASAP!

  3. Eureka: is another great app to earn some extra money! They offer percentage bonuses for taking surveys at specific times randomly, and also give a super quick $2 survey for 2 questions every time you cash out so try to cash out as much as possible! It is important when using Eureka to try and take the surveys Monday-Fridays 2-8pm for the best results!

  4. Survey Junkie: is another one of the best survey apps out there! Survey Junkie rewards you with points, each point equalling one cent. Some of their surveys are upwards of 500 points, meaning you have the chance to earn up to $5 per survey!

  5. InboxDollars: always has a bunch of surveys to chose from with all different price ranges! The minimum amount to cash out is $15, but if you use the link below you will recieve $5 to start off with!

  6. 1Q: This is a unique survey app as it pays participants instantly for answering single-question surveys. 1Q pays 0.25-0.50 per question answered, but they don't send you a ton so always be on the lookout for new questions!

Surveys are by far the quickest and easiest side hustle to make some extra buck in your spare time. They are free to sign up and anyone can do them! Here are 7 of the best apps out there, so you can start earning money today!

Tips for Maximizing Profits with Survey Apps

  • Start by creating your profile and if the app you chose has profile questions, compete those questions by being as accurate as possible

  • Be sure to read every question asked because they might include questions to make sure you are paying attention and if you don't click the answer they told you to click you might get kicked out

  • Try to be as consistent as possible, it takes awhile for these apps to get to know you and know that you are actually giving valid answers to their questions

  • I recommend downloading a few different survey apps because each one will perform different depending on the person, so it's not a bad idea to test out a few and find which work best for you

  • Share your referral links! Of course doing surveys on your own can make you extra money every week, but if you really want to scale these profits you should be sharing your codes with as many people as possible

The 7 Best Survey Apps to Earn Money From Your Phone