Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

the easiest way to start

6/18/20233 min read

green palm tree near mountain during daytime
green palm tree near mountain during daytime

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is another amazing side hustle that you can not only earn hundreds of extra dollars per week from, but thousands if you really put in the work! AND you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world you want! As long as you have a phone or laptop and Wifi anything is possible with affiliate marketing! If you're not too familiar with affiliate marketing, it is basically where you promote other peoples products. This can look a lot different for everyone because there is an affiliate program for almost every single brand you know and love. People purchase/sign up for these products/sites through a link that you provide, and you make a small commission from it when they do!

  • Start by choosing a niche that you are passionate about! Your niche can literally be anything from fitness, beauty, dog walking, etc. However, in my opinion the niches that tend to see the most results are ones that have to do with making money so ones like side hustles, making money online, or even strictly affiliate marketing!

  • Research and find affiliate programs that align with your niche, this can include so many different things like survey apps, affiliate marketing courses, your favorite clothing brands, travel agencies, workout programs and so much more!

  • This side hustle does perform best when you do have an audience of some kind to promote your links to! (my platform of choice is TikTok, however Instagram is a good one as well, or try both). I really recommend starting new social medias for your affiliate marketing journey

  • Once you have these social medias up and running, you will need a place to host your links! I highly recommend using Stanstore for this! Its basically like a website, but so much cheaper and so much more convenient to use. Stanstore is not just a place to put your links, they offer so many amazing services like: collecting email leads, sending emails, booking appointments, hosting webinars, selling your own digital products, and so much more!

  • Create high-quality content with tips and tricks, or why you love these brands to promote the products or services you are affiliated with. End some of your videos with a call to action so it gets people to stop scrolling and look at the links you are talking about! This is the most important thing you can do as an affiliate marketer because your main goal is to drive traffic to your links in order to make money from said links.

The possibilities of affiliate marketing are endless, and there is no ceiling to the amount of money that can be made! Again, if you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, the easiest place to learn this skill is the True Coin affiliate marketing course! Packages start at $72 USD (one time payment) and is worth every single penny!

True coin-it is literally the most straight forward affiliate marketing course out there! It's the only course that I've taken that actually tells you what affiliate marketing even is. Nathaniel keeps the course as simple as humanly possible, and I think this is sooo important because the other courses out there can overcomplicate the process so much to the point people start to give up because they're so confused! He goes over setting goals, what affiliate marketing is, setting up social media, where to find physical and digital links, building a Stanstore, how to grow a following on Tiktok, and even some extra bonus videos! This is all included within the Bronze level, and there is always the option to upgrade! However, these upgrades are not AT ALL pushed on you like other affiliate marketing courses absolutely love to do.. And it doesn't cost anything extra to be an affiliate for!

pen in between of iPhone and MacBook Pro
pen in between of iPhone and MacBook Pro

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

The Best Beginners Affiliate Marketing Course